NBA Players Expand their Horizons through Podcasts

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LeBron James (LA Lakers), the best star in the National Basketball Association (NBA), starts a podcast where he talks only about 'basketball'.

NBA Players Expand their Horizons through Podcasts... Culture/Environment What is Another KBL?



James starts a podcast with the topic of 'basketball'... “The NBA is all about content”

“It’s difficult for us because of the senior/junior culture and environment… I hope we don’t go into a closed loop.”

LeBron James (LA Lakers), the best star in the National Basketball Association (NBA), starts a podcast where he talks only about 'basketball'.

According to sports media outlet The Athletic on the 19th (local time), James plans to join forces with NBA player-turned-broadcaster JJ Reddick to release a weekly 45-minute to one-hour podcast called 'Mind the Game.' 카지노사이트

Two episodes have already been recorded.

Reddick, who played as a shooter from 2006 to 2021, said, “We will have a free conversation about sports,” and “To put it simply, it will be about basketball.”

“I’m proud of the work we’ve done to innovate sports media,” James said.

“I love talking about basketball”

In fact, like James, some recent NBA players communicate directly with fans through podcasts.

Los Angeles (LA) Clippers' star forward Paul George runs 'Podcast P'.

NBA players who compete on the court appear and discuss various issues surrounding the league with George.

Instead of sharing various gossip or giving formal thanks to fans, they each freely share their thoughts on the topic of NBA and basketball.

George also releases each episode on YouTube.

Currently, there are about 680,000 subscribers.

The player who is most passionate about this category is Draymond Green, a key resource for the Golden State Warriors.

Green, who runs 'The Draymond Green Show', has also sparked controversy inside and outside the NBA surrounding his podcast activities.

Green goes beyond simply discussing basketball-related topics, and through podcasts, he examines and analyzes each game of Golden State or the opposing team.

He also provides his own commentary regardless of whether he wins or loses.

In the 2021-2022 season, he was busy podcasting even during the championship game with the Boston Celtics.

NBA seniors, including Detroit Pistons' legend Isaiah Thomas, said that the reason for Green's poor performance during the championship game was because of the podcast, and urged him to give up outside activities and focus on the game.

In response to this, Green countered in a media interview, saying, "I take the podcast as seriously as I do basketball," and said he couldn't stop considering the basketball fans waiting for the podcast.

KBS commentator Son Dae-beom pointed out that this trend shows how NBA players view the game of basketball.

For them, basketball is not just a sport, but a huge source of content.

His analysis is that in the NBA, even players have realized that basketball is a broad business that encompasses not only the traditional 'competition on the court' but also audiences such as the media and fans.

Commentator Son said, “KBL needs a lot of this,” and added, “Korean clubs also have PDs to produce YouTube videos, but I think it’s more meaningful to talk naturally rather than artificially create videos.”

He added, "In this respect, there is something that (KBL) fans are thirsty for.

Since it is run by the players themselves, they can hear stories that were not told through press conferences or through the club."

He added, "It is a time when the KBL also needs diverse content."

Currently, there are some Korean players who run personal media.

These are Lee Kwan-hee of Changwon LG and Kim Jin-yong of Goyang Sono.

However, even on these channels, basketball-related content such as each team's tactics, power evaluation, and player analysis is rarely shown.

Even then, when the season starts, content is not uploaded well.

Commentator Son said, "Our team doesn't like internal stories going out.

We also have a strong senior-junior culture," and added, "On the other hand, when I contacted an NBA representative, I received an answer that 'everything in the NBA is content.'

They also see criticism from the media as their own content."

“I do it,” he said.

SPOTV commentator Jeong Young-sam, who retired in 2022, said, "If a Korean player does a personal broadcast, he will receive unfavorable attention from both inside and outside the club.

I have no choice but to hesitate."

He continued, “It is difficult to mention the tactical part in particular because I think it is the role of the coaching staff,” and

added, “The senior/junior culture is not easy to talk about freely. It is a culturally difficult situation.”

However, he said, "We are living in an era where self-PR is becoming more important.

Since we are adults over the age of 20, we must respect what is expected of us," and added, "We should not go in a closed manner.

Looking at the recent tendencies of juniors, an open culture will soon take root in Korean basketball."