Asphalt Plant: Vital Key for Road Construction

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This article introduces the asphalt plant in types, working principle and application field of it to help reader get to know it better.

Asphalt plant is a kind of equipment for the production and mixing of asphalt, which is widely used in the field of road construction and maintenance. It is a specially designed plant for heating, drying, mixing and storing bitumen and aggregates to produce high quality bituminous concrete.

installaton of asphalt mixing plant in Sri Lanka

Types of Asphalt Station

According to different working principles and configurations, asphalt stations can be divided into two main types: stationary asphalt stations and mobile asphalt stations.

Stationary asphalt plants are usually built in places where large amounts of road materials are needed, such as roadwork sites or related engineering projects. These sites usually have higher production capacity and stable performance, and can continuously produce large quantities of asphalt concrete. The stationary asphalt station consists of several major components, such as asphalt storage tanks, aggregate storage bins, drying drums, mixers and control systems.

In contrast, mobile asphalt plants offer greater flexibility and are suitable for construction sites that require frequent relocation or smaller scale. Mobile asphalt stations are typically integrated on a mobile platform and can be easily moved to different work sites. Although the production capacity of mobile asphalt stations is slightly lower than that of stationary asphalt stations, they are still able to meet the needs of small and medium-sized engineering projects.

ALYQ40 mobile asphalt mixing plant

Working Principle and Application Field

The asphalt station works by feeding the aggregate through a conveyor system into a drying cylinder for drying, while the asphalt is extracted from the storage tank and heated, and the hot-dried aggregate is then mixed with the hot asphalt. The mixed asphalt concrete can be discharged through the discharge system and used for pavement construction.

Asphalt stations are widely used in the field of road construction and maintenance.

They can produce various types of asphalt concrete, including ordinary asphalt concrete, modified asphalt concrete and recycled asphalt concrete. These concrete materials are used to build transportation infrastructure such as roads, highways, airport runways and parking lots.

In addition, asphalt stations can also be used to produce other asphalt products, such as asphalt emulsifiers, asphalt adhesives and asphalt penetrants.

All in all, asphalt station is a key equipment. They play an important role in the field of road construction and maintenance, providing reliable materials for our transport infrastructure.