Trademark Registration - Trademark Application @ ₹999 + Govt Fee
Trademark registration helps in stopping others from copying the mark. Registered brand names help the clients in recognizing the brand and the brand value in one instance.

The brand name is registered under The Trademark Act, of 1999. Trademark registration provides the right to sue against the person /entity who tries to use the registered trademark. A person cannot use a similar trademark that is already registered.

A registered trademark is the business’s valuable asset. It acts as a protective cover of the organization's investment made in the logo or brand.

In India, Trademarks are registered by-

Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade.
Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Government of more

TM - Trademark Registration Online - Procedure, Benefits & Fees

TM - Trademark Registration Online - Procedure, Benefits & Fees

Apply For Trademark Registration Online with legal tax In India. Learn more about our trademark registration process, fees, benefits, tm status check, trademark application, types of tm.