How much of the ocean has been explored till date?
This topic can be regarded as very fascinating. As we all know, the ocean makes up about 71% of the Earth’s surface. It is actually regarded as the biggest ecosystem of the earth and in addition to that, it holds about 99% of all habitable space in the world. The five main ocean basins include the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern Oceans. They contain 94% of the world’s wildlife and 97% of all the water on our planet. Hence, the question, “how much of the ocean has been explored?” can be regarded as very important. The fact that there are so many things out there that are unknown to us, immediately creates a sense of curiosity within us. It is stated that in spite of the massive developments in technology, most of the ocean waters still remain unexplored, uncharted and unseen by our eyes. So, without further delay, let’s take a look at the various aspects of this question.