Soapnut powder and extract, derived from the soapnut tree, offer natural alternatives to chemical-based detergents and cleansers.

🌿 Composition:
Soapnut Powder: Ground from dried soapnuts, it contains natural saponins responsible for cleansing.

Soapnut Extract: Produced by soaking or boiling soapnuts in water to extract saponins, creating a concentrated liquid detergent.

💧 Application:
Soapnut Powder: Directly usable in various applications like laundry, dishwashing, or as shampoo, but may need additional processing.

Soapnut Extract: Dilutable with water for laundry, dishwashing, surface cleaning, or as shampoo.

🕒 Convenience and Dilution:
Soapnut Powder: Requires more effort for measuring and mixing, especially for laundry or dishwashing.

Soapnut Extract: Liquid form allows for easier dilution and direct use, offering versatility in application.
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