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يتم حاليا مراجعة نقاط المشتركين، (النقاط المكتسبه بطريقه غير شرعيه أو بإستخدام اكثر من حساب او بسبب استغلال ثغره برمجيه سيتم حذفها)، والنقاط التي تم اكتسابها بطريقة شرعيه سوف ترجع للحساب، لكن كل النقاط محجوبة حاليا لتدقيق وإستمرو في التفاعل فالنقاط لا تزال تكتسب لحسابكم حسب النظام الجديد

Uconnect is feeling Happy
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Please Read Carefully    

Our Platform enables you to earn points for every interaction done, being the first website doing this in the world please Follow some guidelines and  instructions to avoid closing your account:

1- Don't Post text, videos, photos, that are harmful, disrespectful, displays sensitive images.

2- Don't Comment with Scattered letters or numbers that do not have a meaning in order to earn as many points such action will be considered as spam and might end up closing your account.

3- Don't send or share messages to other users that are disrespectful, abusive or harmful.

4- make sure your profile contains real names and upload a profile picture to be verified and trusted by us!

We hope you enjoy being here _

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Hello to Everyone on Uconnect Social website we hope you answer please:
How did you hear about us? #Survey

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Hello to everyone here ,
Please be informed that before sharing a video from youtube, first upload or import that video to Auhtv website then copy the link and share it on
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