Points Terms

Points Terms

Points system


The points system has been modified to improve the site and to ensure the continuity & project of the site.

Please read carefully

Action Points Notes
Post 7 Videos or photos
Written post 3 A comment is considered null and deducted points after the audit only in the case of writing a professional expression
Comment 3 The points are counted only for comments on others post
No additional points will counted for more the one comments or for answering comments
Reaction 1 Only counted for others posts and don’t count for comments

New benifits

  • The minimum withdrawing points by cash or purchases is 15000 points.

  • You can use the counted points only after 30 days from collected.

  • In case the account holder requests to use the points as described above, the request shall be received and checked and after checked the account holder will be contacted within a maximum of 30 days.

  • In case the account holder obtained 15000 points for a 3 consecutive months will be given a star as a promotion upgraded and the maximum promotion is 7 stars.


The account will be promotion upgraded by acquiring a star and the maximum is 7 stars

Please read carefully

Stars Points Amount
15000 135 $
★★ 30000 271 $
★★★ 45000 407 $
★★★★ 60000 543 $
★★★★★ 75000 679 $
★★★★★★ 90000 815 $
★★★★★★★ 100000 951 $