You will steal the spotlight and reign in the multi-service on-demand industry when you make the grand entrance with the Gojek Clone App. All eyes will be glued to you because you chose this Super App.

Gojek Clone App is a masterpiece like Vincent Van Gogh’ Starry Night oil-on-canvas painting. It is reigning the multi-service on-demand industry by providing 70 plus services online through one single login. It is now in the news for its new set of trailblazing features that has encaptivated everyone’s attention.

Make no mistake, Apps like Gojek are here to stay! Their elixir of immortality is this new of features which are as follows:

Mandatory OTP Verification for Service Providers

 Service Providers are requested to first authenticate themselves before rendering any service of any genre. They have to authenticate themselves via the process of OTP verification. A numeric OTP is generated and is sent to both the registered mobile number and the official email ID of the Service Provider. It is only after punching in the OTP number that the Service Provider can start off with the service requests.

This feature adds an extra layer of security in ensuring only legit individuals are rendering the service. OTP Verification is required for many on-demand services such as Parcel Delivery, Food Delivery, Taxi Booking, Beauticians, Plumbers (All handyman service renderers), and Car wash among others. The App Owner can activate the OTP Verification safety-net by logging into the Admin Panel and selecting the ‘App Settings’ tab under the General Settings menu. It is here the App Owner is asked whether to enable “ask for OTP” before starting a ride, before starting parcel delivery to name a few.

 Live Tracking Details of the Service Provider

 Live graphical status to help the customer keep a track of the Service Provider is a brand new addition to the already feature-rich Gojek Clone App. With this feature, customers can stay updated with the live status of the Service Provider through in-app push notifications. These in-app notifications alerts the customer about the whereabouts of the Service Provider in the form of interactive graphical icons.

 Service Providers such as Taxi Drivers, Parcel Delivery Drivers, and Car wash mechanics, Beauticians, Restaurants, and Delivery Genies are requested to give their live location status to the customers. These alerts vary based on the type of the service rendered. For a Taxi booking service, there would be five notifications namely, Ride is Booked, Driver is Arriving, Cab has already Arrived, the trip has started or is “En Route” and Reached when the trip has been completed. Whereas when a beautician is booked using this app, the in-app notifications will be slightly different. Booking is confirmed, Service Provider is arriving, has already Arrived, Job has started and then the task has been completed.

 Are you 18 years old or above? Confirm it with ID

 There have been numerous instances reported in the past wherein a minor under the age of 18 has ordered alcohol online and has been able to successfully receive it without any scrutiny. It is because online Alcohol Sellers and Delivery Drivers are not bound by law to verify buyer’s age.

But just as intuitive Apps like Gojek are, it is equally responsible too. This feature asks the buyer to first upload a valid government-approved ID card on the app and wait for approval. It is then the Delivery Drivers who verify the documents physically at the time of delivery. The App Owner has to simply login into the Admin Panel and enable the “ID Proof Upload for Age Verification” feature.

 Cookie Consent with GDPR Hallmark

 Customers can now place orders through this All-in-One-Services’ website – be it booking a SUV for a ride back home or ordering your favourite Nutella Cheesecake for your bestie’s birthday. Whenever the customer visits the site, a cookie consent window will pop up which will duly ask the user for its permission to store the browsing history to enhance their own user experience. The User can click on “OK” before going ahead with the menu-browsing. And now because of the European Union’ General Data Protection Regulation’ directives, the website will ask the User if it wants them to delete the User’s browsing history.


 Gojek Clone App has established a tremendous brand value of its own solely on the basis of how diverse and solution-oriented its features have been curated. They have also incorporated corona-safety protocols wherein no more than two passengers can travel in a Basic Volkswagen cab and that too both the Rider and the Driver has to wear face-masks at all times.