Difference Between Quantitative Research & Qualitative Research

Difference Between Quantitative Research & Qualitative Research

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Dissertation writing is one of the activities that students must have to perform at the end of their program.  This dissertation is based on the specific specialisation selected by the students.  Dissertation writing consists of a huge amount of words, they can be from 10000 words to 15000 or 20000 words.  Writing is which amount of words is never easy for even professionals.  However, students approach to professional presentation writing services for the best experience through experts.  This helps them understand the requirements and the procedures of the Professional dissertation writing and further helps them to understand the concepts of the selected topic of the dissertation. 

Writing a dissertation, or students have to select one of the or types of research methods.  These are quantitative and qualitative researchers.  Each research method has its significance, objectives and limitations. Both give the desired and the required results using the right procedures.  I have seen students getting confused about what to select as a research method for dissertation writing.  It is a part of the dissertation where you have to make your mind whether you are going to conduct quantitative research or qualitative research. Let's see both of them and understand the difference between them.   Understanding the difference between both of them will help you to select the topic as per the selected research method.

What Is Quantitative Research?

The quantitative research is entirely based on numeric values.  It deals with the numbers and gives the results and the finding in the proper numeric form.  It doesn't matter that what type of research method you are using for both quantitative and qualitative research you have to collect some required and relevant data that supports your idea about the selected topic of the dissertation.  In the quantitative research method, the entire data is collected in the numeric form.  Once the data has been collected it is transferred in the reliable and authentic statistical software to run various kind of statistical tests.  The result from the statistical tests provides logical facts and figures that help you to support your hypothesis.

The statistical test helps to understand the variation and the behavior of the variables selected to run the tests. It is observed that quantitative research is more structured than qualitative. Let’s see some of the sources of the data collection for quantitative researches.

  • Interviews,
  • Questionnaire Observation
  • Document Review
  • Sampling

 Let's take an example, let's say you are writing a dissertation for your specialisation in marketing.  Now, you have to select your audience which is directly related to your search.  It is essential to mention the audience from which you are going to collect the data.  Mention and briefly explain your audience based on the research.  Once you have selected the audience, for example now you have to collect the data you questionnaire observation.  Here you will ask the same various questions to the audience.  The numeric result of this questionnaire will be tested in the authentic statistical software and It will give you the results and the findings of your dissertation writing.


What Is Qualitative Research?

Qualitative research is a little bit different from the quantitative.  Qualitative research is exploratory research and deals with the issues and the problem that has never been discussed or researched before.  It focuses on the existing problems instead of the previous ones. Qualitative Research method helps you to consider and understand things in depth.  The data collection techniques in qualitative research include both structured and semi-structured techniques.  The sample size in the qualitative research method is relatively small than quantitative research.  Following are the ways and techniques of collecting data in qualitative research method.

  • Observations
  • Textual analysis
  • Interviews

The qualitative research is more focused on the open-ended.  Let's take an example, for example, you have opened the game shop is your area which is specifically for young people.  After some time you are noticed that the visitors in your game shop are relatively low.  Now you conduct interviews from random people of the area asking about the interest of games or the technology used in the games.  Interviews will further include the competitors in the area and the modification they have as a competitive advantage over you. The information collected through random interviews will help you to see and the flaws and to fill the gaps you have in your business. The qualitative research directly helps you to go deeper to the problem and to find the results and the solutions in the best possible way.

Expert dissertation Writers UK can help you to understand the importance and the objectives of both quantitative and qualitative types of research. Make sure that you understand the difference between both of them before selecting the topic of the dissertation. Selecting the wrong topic for the wrong research method can worry you in the entire procedure of dissertation writing.