MyCourt was previously a vital part of 2K

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Rebalance Archetype System The archetypes system was first introduced in the last few years and nba 2k22 mt coins I was impressed by the idea. There would be more unique builds , and less chance of the game being unbalanced because of overpowered MyPlayers. In theoretical terms it was a wonderful solution to a problem that has been around for a while within the community.

However, the archetype system isn't able to fulfill its primary goal. The game isn't balanced and I'd say that the number of overpowered builds is higher now than it was before. 2K has not been able to efficiently take care of each build's weaknesses, as well as strengths. This is the key problem. A player who is 7 feet tall and 270lbs shouldn't be able beat a guard on the court in the transition.

In the last two years the point guards have had a difficult time to build active teams. Point guards are not an advantage. The increased speed of an Point Forward build is not significant. The Point Forward has typically a higher ceiling than one who plays as a point guard. 2K Sports should address archetypes and design designs that have inherent strengths as well as weaknesses. A center which isn't big enough will be able to get moving quickly, but not fast enough for defending players of greater stature.

MyCourt was previously a vital part of 2K, but this feature has lost its appeal over the last few years. The MyCourt was a facility that allowed MyPlayers to improve their skills by practicing drills. It was an excellent idea that rewarded players who put in extra effort to the game.

Since its introduction, MyPlayer's development has been limited to the practice facilities. The MyCourt can now be used exclusively for HORSE. The MyCourt was once a popular location for players to settle their disputes. Two players would play one-on-one matches on the MyCourt, and cheap Nba 2k22 Mt the winner would win bragging rights.