The Balancing Act: Employee Monitoring Software for Productivity and Privacy

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Discover the benefits of using employee monitoring software to track field employees, ensure their productivity and build transparency.

For companies whose employees operate from client sites, having transparency becomes imperative. If we talk about field employees, they already face numerous challenges in performing their day-to-day tasks. These include travelling miles to reach customers, meeting targets and delivering exceptional customer service. All of this isn’t easy but doable.


How do field service companies ensure that they get to track employee’s tasks and get a clear view of their productivity? This creates the need for an Employee Monitoring Software. So, without any delay let’s unfold every aspect of this software in this piece.


Unfolding Employee Monitoring Software

Employee Monitoring Software allows managers to monitor the tasks of field employees. It allows real-time employee tracking, live work status monitoring, order, attendance, task and expense management solutions. We have covered them in detail in the below paragraphs.

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Employee Monitoring System: Features

Let’s start by talking about the basics and let's begin with the most crucial yet game-changing one - real-time employee tracking

  • Employee Tracking

Knowing whether their field employees reached the client site on time is a concern for managers. But, it would no longer be the same with Employee Tracking Software in the picture. Through real-time tracking and geocoded attendance, they can easily track the location of their employees. Also, through a distance-route calculator, they get to know the distance their employees have travelled. 


  • Order Management

Tracking the number of orders taken by the employees gets easier with the order management system. Let’s say a Medical representative takes an order for medicines through the app, now the managers would be able to see and approve that order using an order management tool. 


  • Attendance Management System

This solution ensures that field employees can mark their attendance only after reaching client sites. This is called verified attendance. With the help of this, managers can stay assured that employees are not engaging in attendance fraud. Also, the location and time of the attendance would be visible to the managers. 


  • Task Management

Allocating tasks to employees hasn't been any easier. This feature of Employee Monitoring Software enables bulk task allocation. Managers can also mark the priority of the task; high, medium or low. It helps employees plan their daily work schedule and work accordingly. After completing the task they can mark the status as done. 


  • Expense Management

The daily hustle of Field employees includes travelling from one place to another. Sometimes they have to spend the money on travelling from their pockets. Using Expense Management they can apply for reimbursements related to travel or other expenses. All they have to do is send requests to their manager and attach the bill to that request. 


These features of Employee Monitoring software offer numerous advantages. Some of these are mentioned below.

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Advantages of Employee Monitoring Software 

  • Offers real-time tracking of field employees 

  • Saves time and energy for managers 

  • Allows managers to focus on other important tasks such as strategy planning 

  • Geo-coded attendance eliminates the possibility of attendance fraud 

  • Taking orders becomes a streamlined process 

  • Helps field employees to create a balance between their tasks by giving them the ability to differentiate between high and low-priority tasks

  • Real-time updates about employee’s productivity

  • Makes bulk task allocation a breeze

  • Enhances the accountability of field employees

  • Gives managers the freedom to identify bottlenecks


Invest in a Secure Employee Monitoring Solution 

In a world where field service software businesses are improving their operations to gain customer loyalty, Employee Monitoring Software emerges not just as a tool for empowering employees to work efficiently but also to ensure data security. Therefore, it’s a useful asset in today’s business landscape.


Now that we have Reached the Shore! 

This was all about how Employee Monitoring Software can help boost the productivity of field employees. However, since field force management goes beyond just monitoring employees’ productivity, TrackoField also offers other solutions that help managers elevate the process. So, now that you have got a gist of the solution that can help you monitor field warriors, also check out our Field Force Management Software

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