Bodybuilding champion priest

Bodybuilding champion priest

This type of news lifts my spirits every time I read it.

This type of news lifts my spirits every time I read it. Thousands of people around the world manage to integrate activities that seem irreconcilable or that at least nobody supposes can be carried in harmony.

He is a Colombian priest who combines his religious vocation with bodybuilding, at 39 he weighs 90 kg and is 1.70 meters tall with a rocky appearance of sculpted muscles with the arduous training he undergoes.

He has a strict training of bodybuilding combined with swimming, his diet is indicated for anyone looking for muscle hypertrophy at the competition level; eat 7 times a day servings rich in protein and complex carbohydrates plus a supplementation program that includes creatine, vitamins, amino acids and unsaturated fats, among others.

He has participated in various bodybuilding events, managing to occupy first place in the middleweight category seven times and be champion of champions in five tournaments.
Miguel Angel is really committed to both his faith and bodybuilding, and he expresses it clearly when he says:

 "I have always competed in silence only with the aim of giving glory to God and in all the competitions I attend I have identified myself as a priest, a task that I carry out 24 hours a day." 


Miguel Angel Paredes, Bodybuilding Priest

Colombian bodybuilder priest