Annual Compliances of One Person Company (OPC) in Bangalore

Annual Compliances of One Person Company (OPC) in Bangalore

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In OPC Company registration in Bangalore One Person Company Annual Compliances mentions the organizing of various documents every year. One person company can be established by one person only, who can act as a shareholder and as well as a director. There were no services of forming a One Person Company in the Old Companies Act 1956. with the establishment of the New Company Act 2013, the One Person Companies (OPCs) are rapidly becoming very important in entire India for doing business or giving services in several economic standings by individual and innovative Professionals and Entrepreneurs.


The One Person Company Annual Compliances in India are less comparatively, and so here will be covering the following important compliances:


Yearly Return in Form mgt 7

 Financial Statements and Records in the Form AOC-4

 Income Tax Returns should be provided in Form ITR-6

Event-based Yearly Compliances

Yearly Compliances under various Legal Authorities

The process that are required in Annual Compliances Filing for One Person Company in India

The One Person Company Annual Compliances, are to be processed through some of the Forms and within the below-specified timelines:


Filing Annual Return Form (Form MGT-7) with the Registrar of Companies (ROC): 

Opc Registration Consultants in Bangalore This is one of the most important keys for roc return filings for OPC companies that are Containing the Statement of Disclosure of Directors and Shareholders. Your file the annual return within 60 days of holding the Annual General Meeting (AGM). If the AGM did not happen, you need to file the return within the period 60 days of the date on which AGM should have happened. Such Yearly Returns are approved by the Company secretory or if CS is not there then the Director of the company.


Filing of the records of the Financial Statements Form (Form AOC-4) with the Registrar of Companies (ROC):

This role is to be filed with relevant ROC, that are containing all finance and monetary transactions that are related to the audited accounts of the One-person company in the mentioned financial year. In the instance of an OPC, the annual financial reports that consists of only the following particulars — Auditor’s Report, and the Consolidated Financial Statement, Balance Sheet, Profit, and Loss Account. Form AOC-4, the last date is within 180 days from the end of the Financial Annual Year. This means that the end date for filing AOC 4 will be 30th October of the following every financial year. Such financial statements are approved by the Director. In section 137(1) of the Companies Act 2013, it is compulsory for the company to acquire its financial statements in a board meeting and will be approved by the directors.

Filing Income Tax Returns to fill the Form ITR-VI with Income Tax Department:

According to the OPC Service provider in Bangalore This is to be arranged by the Income Tax Department, in Form ITR-6, by the OPC. For ITR-6, the last date is 30th September of the Annual Year, for example for the financial year 2017-18 Income Tax Returns in Form ITR-6 have to be filed on or before 30th September 2018. The tax audit will be lawful if the Turnover of the OPC exceeds 2 Cr.


Documents Required for the effortless compliance process

For an effortless compliance process, you need to provide the following documents.


MGT 7 Filing:


List of the main business venture

Details of shareholding and shares

List of loans and debentures

Details of other major securities that are detained by the company

AOC 4 Filing:

Balance Sheet

Loss and Profit Account

Director’s Report

Auditor’s Report

Notifications of Annual General Meeting.

ITR 6 Filing:

Sale and Purchase invoice.

Expense invoice.

PAN of the company

Copy of deposits and TDS Challan

Copy of Service Tax Returns or VAT

Annual Bank Statement

Credit Card Statement

Who needs to do it?

One Person Company needs to stick to it. The return needs to be approved by the Company Secretary if not there then the Director of the company can approve the return.


What is the fee?

As per the fee planned under company law, the filing fee begins from Rs. 2000.


The professional fee for OPC compliance begins from Rs. 15000


Annual Compliance of Filing AMC for One Person Company Entity

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