How Much Does Tribal Braids Cost?

How Much Does Tribal Braids Cost?

The price of tribal braids started from $90 and end to $250+

If you are fond of getting the tribal braid look so also might want to know the tribal braids price list. The price of every type of braid is different depending on your hair. You may want the jumbo tribal braids, Fulani braids, box braids, 3 layer tribal braids, or any other braid. So let’s know how much do tribal braids cost?

Box Braids Price List

Box braids are different by pinkie finger size, touch up, and waist length. Normally the length of hair starts from 18 Inches to 22 Inches. So the box braid price is also different according to the length of hairs. The price of the box braid touch is low because its style longevity is up to 2 weeks only. But the price of pinkie finger size and waist length is high usually started from $190 and goes to $250+. The waist-length hair of 22 Inches sizes price start from $250+.

Knotless Box Braids or Bohemian Box Braids Price

The price of these knotless box braids starts from $220 and can increase up to $400 depending on hair length.

Fulani Or Tribal Braids Price

A tribal braid can be a tribal braid with beads or just simple. The price of Fulani or tribal braids are same as box braids started from $190 to $250+

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