Start a Multi Service App Based Business with the Gojek Clone

Start a Multi Service App Based Business with the Gojek Clone

Step By Step Tutorial to Start a Multi Service App Based Business with the Gojek Clone. Get a robust app, developed from Gojek clone script, integrated with 70+ on-​demand multi-services.

There is no doubt about the fact that people like convenience. As smartphones keep getting smarter every day, many developers worldwide have dedicated their resources to trying to build solutions that make living day-to-day life easier. The Gojek Clone app is a gift of technology to modern people.

If you are a savvy entrepreneur, chances are that you have already heard a lot about the Gojek Clone app. But in order to ensure that you can get your business guns polished, here’s a little more information on what the app is all about followed by a step-by-step tutorial on how you can get started with it as your own business.

What is the Gojek Clone App?

The Gojek Clone app is a multi-layer, multi-service on demand app-based digital platform that empowers users to hire service providers and their services just with the click of a button. This app helps your users to seamlessly reach out to all kinds of service providers that offer their services in and around their areas.

It also becomes an excellent tool for service providers to avail the digital platform to showcase and expose a higher clientele with their service portfolio. With the help of this app, both parties can find a common ground and fix clear and unambiguous prices which further make the process of availing services easier.

Each time someone uses the app, the app owner earns a commission. This commission percentage is also decided by the app owner so that they can vary it from service to service or even from time to time as per their convenience and market demands.

How did Gojek Clone App Start?

So, initially in Indonesia, people found it important to make bike taxis more available rather than simple cabs. This is where Gojek emerged as a company that provided anyone with a bike with an income source by offering their bikes as taxis for anyone interested.

However, with time, they realized the potential of the market and expanded their services from simple bike rides to deliveries and so on and so forth. As this became the fastest business unicorn in south East Asia, many companies around the world showed an interest in being able to build their own business that catered to multiple services all through one app.

The Gojek Clone app was essentially developed with the original Gojek app as the baseline however quickly found itself as a much more complex system. Today, a good Gojek Clone app should allow your users to avail as many as 70 services just with one download and one login.

How to start your own multi-service business with the Gojek Clone app?

The first thing that you must do in order to start your own multi-service business is to draft a business plan. This is what will allow you to truly understand where you stand in terms of budget, what is your spending capacity, what kind of a turnover are you looking at, what are the services that you would like to include in the app in the first phase, what is your expansion policy and so on and so forth.

Once you can jot down all these things, you should have the basic architecture of the business, and thereby, you will know what kind of digital medium you require to support your needs. Now, please understand that every business comes with its own set of unique requirements, unique challenges, and therefore unique solutions.

There may be hundreds of Gojek Clone apps available in the market, but your objective is to find out the one single app that truly caters to your business requirements. This process might take a little while because there are so many options out there that it might get a little confusing to settle on the right one.

Here are a few pointers that should help:

  1. Is the app functional in your region?

This is one of the first things that you should check. Being in the development sphere we have come across so many clients who purchased something that they thought was appropriate but never considered if it would work in their region. When we get a client like this, it becomes important to explain to them that eventually changing that apps code structure to make it functional in their region might cost just as much as the original app cost them.

Therefore, make sure that you check basic things such as local language integration, local currency integration and scalability of the app before you even shortlist is for your business. Remember to speak very clearly with the development team who is trying to sell you the app because you don’t want to falter later.

  1. Have you tried it?

The thing about apps is that they might appear as one thing in our heads but when it comes to coding, they might turn out to be something completely different. In case you haven’t seen the app, don’t pay for it. Insist on taking a live free demo of the application so that you know exactly what your money is going into. You should be able to download the working app from the Google Play store and the iOS app store and test it from the user’s point of view, the service provider’s point of view and even the seller’s point of view. Check out the admin and iron all the creases right before you begin so that there is no problem in the end.


The Gojek Clone app is one of the best on-demand multi-service mobile app-based business ideas to begin in 2021. If you are planning on utilizing the power of technology to digitally grow your business, then it might be time for you to approach a white label on demand mobile app Development Company to get the best Gojek Clone app in the market and start your business.