Home Shifting: Know genuine packers & movers in Mumbai

Home Shifting: Know genuine packers & movers in Mumbai

The peak of COVID-19 raises and the transportation market goes down.

The peak of COVID-19 raises and the transportation market goes down. Even the economic status of India also shivers. So, the packers and movers in Mumbai are still allowed to relocate under the strict guidelines and approvals. 


However, safety and survival go hand in hand. In that way safety during moving or shifting is must. Why? Because the second wave of COVID-19 is like a death race in India. Therefore, health ministries in India allow minimal services on time. In which transportation is one of them.


What packers and movers actually do?

Generally, it’s a group of manpower that helps us in packing and moving from one place to another. However, they are also known as logistics that provide the services warehouses, cargo, shipment, or more. That’s what genuine movers and packers do. 


What are the major guidelines to know during moving shifting?

When it comes to shifting to your new office or home it is necessary to know about genuine packers and movers in IndiaThey make the work easy. Apart from this here’re some guidelines:

  • Every logistic service provider should’ve E-pass.
  • Therefore, maximum 2 members are allowing in one vehicle. 
  • However, allowance from the state government is necessary. 
  • The services should be safe and sanitize. 
  • Even the driver requires a negative COVID-19 report. 
  • In the contaminated zone relocation is restricted. 


These are some important guidelines in which you can relocate and shift easily. 


How to know an 100% authentic Packers and movers?

Hence, a genuine logistic provider tends to be transparent. So, it makes them genuine and reliable. 

  • Ask for the complete documentation.
  • Even an accurate GPS tracker is necessary.
  • Meanwhile, genuine movers always take half payment before services and the rest of them after relocation. 
  • Even, it is necessary to ask them about the complete legal documents such as GST, tax, payment slips, or more. 
  • After that, the deal should be transparent for further clearance. 


These are the basic and the necessary things you should know before you’re going to hire such services.


What is the procedure of packing moving?

Hence, the procedure of packing and moving goes from packing to loading and relocation. 

  • First, of all the team of movers make a checklist of your goods.
  • Then they divide the goods according to the categories like (Electrical appliances, delicate stuff, Vehicles, kitchen appliances, or more). 
  • After that, they wrap and pack the things into the cartons. 
  • However, they load the packed goods into the truck/tempo.
  • Then they move the goods and shift them to the location. 


That’s how Packers and movers in Mumbai work. So, before you’re going to hire a genuine freight partner it is necessary to ask and clear the doubts. Therefore, services without any theft are trustworthy. In that way research more or you can ask your friends and family. So, you can get the right budget with quick relocation. Now you know that how to determine the right movers and packers in India for secure home shifting.