The video streaming market is yours : take control of it using the youtube clone script

The video streaming market is yours : take control of it using the youtube clone script

Video streaming platforms have taken phone batteries hostage and dominated the screentime the average mobile user spends everyday.

With video streaming becoming a bigger market every minute, there is always a welcome pitch for new competition to come in and change the landscape.

Maybe you’re an entrepreneur looking to venture into a new field or a person already in the industry trying to boost their profits. Somewhere along the line, the path you take will lead you towards getting a mobile app that rivals your competitors and even trump them in terms of service and usability of your app. This is where the youtube clone app solution comes in to save the day.

Why should you use a youtube clone app for your video streaming business?

The youtube clone app comes packed with features designed for two purposes: to provide your users a smooth app experience and the other purpose is to make your competitors’ apps look like a child’s toy. Here are some awesome features that stand out in the app:

Diverse content

With a wide range of genres to choose from, users never have to deal with watching monotonous content all day. There’s something for everyone in the app, making it extremely user inclusive.

Thumbnail video preview

The app plays the video in the thumbnail to give the users an idea of what to expect in the video. This can be done using a gif with a few frames of the video to save resources or to use the actual video for better quality previews.

Social media sharing

Content users like is readily shareable across social media platforms. This allows the app to find more potential users as well as to increase product visibility.

Multi channel support

Users can have different profiles that have separate playlists, video recommendations to manage their content better

Playlist and watchlist

Users can save their videos that they want to watch on repeat in a playlist, and add videos to their watchlist if they want to watch it later on. Videos are also downloadable on the app.

Advanced AI based recommendation

The app runs complex algorithms to figure out what the user prefers watching, or what they would like to watch at a given time. This smart recommendation system removes random videos popping on their screens that they have no interest in.

Smart search

Smart search is more than just looking for keywords the user types in. it factors in relevance, popularity, users’ history and more to pinpoint the exact video that they are looking for.

Final thoughts

The youtube clone app from Turnkeytown has a robust build quality and all the goodies you need to propel your success lightyears into the future. Don’t wait for your competition to get their hands on it!