How Social Media Can Help Market a Book

How Social Media Can Help Market a Book

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For authors and publishers planning book promotion services, social media is an essential consideration. An author's social media accounts are an excellent way to bring attention to a book and engage with prospective readers and existing fans. The objective is to build a following of interested readers and communicate with them to increase their books' interest level. A good stream of engaging social media posts will help develop long-term, authentic relationships. They encourage people to share news and information about your book with their friends online, which becomes a significant promotion.

If you're an author pondering what to post on social media, you can include facts and bits of information you came across while researching your book. Topics related to your book that are in the news currently also can inspire excellent posts. Fiction authors need to be a bit more creative. One possibility is details about the book, such as the location where it is set, references to clothing worn by the characters, and even food or recipes that are in some way related. It's also an excellent idea to post about books you enjoy reading and other authors you admire. Be organized and plan a calendar of posts to make it easier.

Consistency is the key to success in social media posts for authors. The same holds true for blogging. Nothing looks worse than accounts with sparse of out-of-date posts. It also increases effectiveness if you post one the same day and time each week – ideally three times per week in the beginning. Once you've developed a robust following, the number of posts can decrease to once per week as long as it remains high caliber. When fans ask questions, make sure to respond promptly and be engaging in your replies. Building good relationships is essential and will occur over time.

For authors working with book PR firms, and being covered in traditional media articles and interviews, posting links on social media is a wise idea. It expands the audience for your media coverage and makes sure more of the people who would be most interested can see it. When you include the media organizations' names in your posts and thank them, it also tactfully confers stature on you for receiving the coverage. Overall, what you post should be fun and engaging for fans and also include useful information. Be careful not to be overly promotional. Social media is about authenticity.