Full Truck Load Transportation

Full Truck Load Transportation

Complete Truck Load, commonly known as FTL, is a shipping model where a truck communicates your dedicated dispatch. To put it differently, the travelling is allowed for one shipment only.

Benefits of PTL:


For imports which are large enough to fill or nearly fill a full delivery container, finish truckloads work out more economical.

Total truckloads are a lot less burden with size and weight limits, unlike courier transport or LTL.

FTL shipments get in the destination sooner because they generate no extra pickups or drop-offs in route.

Full truck load transport means less handling (there is no moving between trucks mid-transit), the shipment is quite likely to get lost or damaged.


Including end to complete multimodal transportation with loading services catered through owned and hired fleet for bulk products movement in India. Otslogistic supplies a personalized or specialized fleet for fulfilling customers' specific requirements. As an authority from the transportation services supplier, we assess that your organization ought to match a carrier that might adapt your shipment deadline at the least expensive manner possible.


For transport economics and passing on customers' cost benefits, we also contemplate cargo kind to be accommodated in the same trailer/truck or whether it should be shipped individually in a different trailer/truck. The significant logistics factor is truck freight transportation ensuring just punctually strategy or diminished transit time. We're conscious of the significance of customers' requirements. We'll be mindful by providing apt and proper gear for effective handling, besides coordinating regulatory compliance along with your precious cargo motion. Rest assured, you can leave the transportation worries and concentrate on your heart competence/business: complete Truck Load Transportation, centre offering at the Otslogistic' Transport Section.

The Otslogistic Freight branch's core offerings, such as an end to finish multimodal transport with loading services catered through hired and owned fleet for bulk goods motion on a pan India foundation. Alternatives include specialized or customized fleet for fulfilling clients' particular condition. As a Full Truck Load supplier, we can evaluate your company should match with a provider which may accommodate your dispatch deadline in the cheapest manner possible. We guarantee this.

For transportation economics and passing on price benefits to clients, the shipper also believes the kind of cargo can be accommodated in precisely the same trailer/truck or if it has to be sent separately in another trailer/truck. The vital logistics variable is truck freight transport ensuring only in time strategy or decreased transit time. We know clients' sensitivity and will be careful by supplying apt and appropriate equipment for successful managing, besides organizing regulatory compliance to your precious cargo movement.

Delivering consistent price, we occupy a specific leadership position within this domain.