Continuing development of Astellia

Continuing development of Astellia

Astellia Online Asper,Mmogo,Astellia Online Asper,Mmogo

Cash shops=auto fail and ALWAYS will which is why when Bless dev came pleading their case,I only laughed and thought....Astellia Online Asper seriously,who do you believe your trying to fool? There needs to be a very large skill level when comes to creating a mmorpg the ideal way.There is a way to nourish the dumb masses who prefer ARPG mindless crap murdering and will spend in money shop to speed this up or get better equipment scores to keep the dumb killing in dungeons.

But in the event that you want a quality mmorpg it has to be made from the ground up with NO money store in mind.People do NOT enjoy seeing countless robots on the market to support a cash shop and ruin the sport market.

Lineage was the very prosperous KR mmorpg in history and that programmer showed NO CARE at all to clean up their game.That is the mindset, so nobody cares,simply whip out a rpg as fast as possible so that the cash shop can start creating money.The layout won't ever be a serious one like it will always be a superficial design.

So if programmers think they may use ANY chit talk to hype their game up knowing it is fantastic fortune, a cash shop layout,I will not be cheap Astellia Online Asper for sale.

I played FFXI for decades,no hand holding,no cash shop and lots of depth.I no drama Atlas,no hand holding,no money shop and lots of immersion.You see I do NOT enjoy the extra fluff of external game hindrance,be it jobless,botting,cash shops I don't like it.So absolutely NOTHING will sell me on a match if it does not conform to plain simple fair standards.