Here's What You Should Know About Drug Crime Charges In Texas

Here's What You Should Know About Drug Crime Charges In Texas

If you are looking for an experienced, aggressive criminal defense firm to take your case in Fort Worth, Texas, look no further than the team at Cole Paschal Law. It is imperative that you seek the experienced and knowledgeable drug attorney for guidance to understand how to tailor a defen

While there have been steps nationwide to turn back the clock on some of the drug crime-related penalties and charges, especially in the case of marijuana drug crime but you will have to play by the rules and laws as they are today. To do so, you'll need a good drug crime lawyer by your side if you have been charged with any drug crimes. The penalties involved with such charges are too harsh to risk-taking your chances alone. No matter where you reside in the U.S., criminal conduct related to illegal substances will result in incredibly stringent punishments. In certain situations, these penalties may tend to be out of line with the offenses' real severity. Here are a few common drug crime charges:




A simple possession charge, by itself, is typically minor, but that doesn't mean you don't need a drug crime lawyer to handle the proceedings. The charges and penalties associated with such a charge will depend on many factors. Your age, the amount, the type of substance, and even where you were at the time of your arrest can play a part in determining what kind of sentence you get. The most significant factor, perhaps, is your criminal record. When you've had a few convictions, you're probably more likely to come across a judge who's about to chuck a book at you even for simple marijuana possession.


Intent to Distribute:


Possession with intent is a much higher serious charge than mere possession. Such crime alone is enough to throw you in prison in some conditions. For many police and prosecutors, the only evidence they need to put a possession charge into this higher category is the amount you have.


If  you don't like the danger that comes with several smaller deals and wants to stock up, the decision could be enough to land you in prison for a long time. However, if you have a competent drug crime lawyer who can claim that you do not mean to do what the prosecutor claims, you might be able to minimize or drop the charges altogether.




When most people think of cultivation charges, they think of marijuana growers. It is indeed the most common scenario under which this charge is used in the U.S. However, it can also apply to the cultivation of poppies, cocaine, and more. But it doesn't apply to the manufacture of drugs like LSD, meth, steroids, though, as there are serious charges for that as well.


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