Can Weight Loss Help with Erectile Dysfunction?

Can Weight Loss Help with Erectile Dysfunction?

Medically it has been proved that weight loss reduces chances of erectile dysfunction and gives back a normal erection. An obese man under weight loss program gains in erection with every kilo loss in weight.

Medically it has been proved that weight loss reduces chances of erectile dysfunction and gives back a normal erection. An obese man under weight loss program gains in erection with every kilo loss in weight.

There are several causes behind erectile dysfunction in males. Some of the causes are directly because of overweight. Diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular health, lack of stamina and inability to get engaged in intense physical activity, are due to overweight. All these factors increase erectile dysfunction risks. So, weight loss program lifts the erection ability and reduces risks of erection related problems. Using Levitra 60 mg will be temporary solution to overcome the erection difficult, the permanent solution lies in resolving underlying cause.

Weight loss link with lower erectile dysfunction

Weight loss makes a man less prone to several life style related disease. A physical fit man is less likely to get diabetes, high blood pressure or face plaque formation in blood vessels. An obese man on other hand will risk of all these conditions, plus low testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels directly affect the libido, which in turn reduce hardness in erection. An obese man is at high risk of arthritis and osteoporosis. Over the age of 50, joint pain, or knee pain makes it difficult to get engaged in activity where some force comes on the knees. It prevents man from getting involved in physical relations, which increase risk of erectile dysfunction.

Each lifestyle disease can lead to erectile dysfunction on its own. But the intensity of the erectile issues increase manifold if other lifestyle diseases are also behind erection difficulty.

Erectile dysfunction is a widely reported problem in developed countries among males above 40. The proportion of males with ED increases in age group 50-65 years. One American study revealed that 50 % of males above 55 are suffering from some form of erection difficulties.

Natural weight loss methods

Researchers in the study did not give any medicine, liquid or forced males to strict dieting regimen. Instead overweight males were given 300 less calories during the observation period, and were asked to perform physical activities. The level of physical activities was gradually increased.

Weight loss improved erectile dysfunction

Healthcare workers and physiotherapist have observed that man under weight loss program showed improvement over several aspects of life including physical relations.  More than 30 % males with erectile dysfunction, who were part of the weight loss regimen gained normal erection.

Weight loss of 33 pounds over a period of two years showed improvement in health indicators. The males reported less inflammation in joints, and less energy level.

No medicine or supplements were given to males to reduce weight. The weight loss program was based on natural remedies including change in diet, more exercises and control over unhealthy practices.

Study showed that a healthy male with overweight induced erectile dysfunction got back normal erection without medication.

Medical consultations

When an obese man is finding it difficult to get an erection without any apparent medical reasons, it is time to get medical consultations.  Start the weight loss program after making sure that overweight is the sole underlying cause. If you are taking medicines or supplements to reduce weight, never take ED drug Sildenafil Citrate 150mg without medical assessment. The doctor will suggest the best method to avoid medical reaction. Suggestions will be on the need to stop weight loss medicines or give a gap of 24 hours before taking medicine dose.

Yes countless studies and medical observations have clearly pointed out that weight loss can restore normal erection, if erectile dysfunction is only due to conditions related to being overweight. An obese male with some erection problem needs to consultant a medical doctor to get the assessment done. If being overweight is only underlying factor of erectile dysfunction. Reduce weight and gain the normal erection level without medicines.

During the weight loss program, whenever there is a need for erection support get medical help. Doctor of Bluekama prescribes Cialis 60 mg to overcome higher erection resistance. They check the medical records, history and current degree of erection before picking up the right dose. There will be no interference from the erectile dysfunction medicines to weight loss program based on natural remedies.