2 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Washing Machine

2 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Washing Machine

2 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Washing Machine


When your lifestyle is busy and you're always on the go, getting ahead of the laundry can seem like an endless task. Today's washing machines come with a host of features and functions that can help make laundry seem a little less of a chore. Here are a few things you should know when selecting a clothes washer.

1. Measure twice (or three times)

Most washers come in two widths, 27-inches or 24-inches. But you need to allow more room than that in your laundry. The water hookup takes about six inches of space, and you’ll also want to leave about an inch between the washer and the dryer. You also should make sure there's room to be able to stand in front of it and open the doors. If your laundry room has a low ceiling, and you want a top-loader, make sure you'll have enough space to raise the lid.

Trace the path the washing machine will take to get to your laundry space. Washing machines can be heavy and bulky (just like their cycles!). You don’t want your delivery to be derailed because the hallway door is too narrow or the basement stairs are winding.

It may sound a little crazy, but if you're living in a small home, see if you can obtain a similarly sized cardboard box to stand in for the washer. Then, recruit a friend to help you carry it from your front door to your laundry space. If you find that you can’t fit a full-sized washer, think about alternatives. (Wait one minute—we’re about to explain that.)

2. Style

Top-loader — Your grandmother almost certainly had a machine like this, and lots of Americans still swear by them. Open the lid to reveal a deep tub with an agitator, which pushes clothes around to beat the dirt out of them. That might accelerate wear and tear.

This kind of washer can be the least expensive, but it uses more water than other types, along with the energy to heat the water, so factor in those costs when making a purchase decision.

Top-loaders don’t spin water out as effectively as other types of washers, so it takes longer for the dryer to dry them.

High efficiency top-loader — An HE top-loader closely resembles an old-school top-loader, but it's engineered to use water and energy more efficiently. HE top-loaders also need to use low suds HE detergents. These machines generally take longer to complete their cycles than regular top-loaders, and clothes can emerge wrinkled and twisted, due to smaller amounts of water usage and faster spin rates.

These washers remove more water than traditional top-loaders, so the trip through the dryer can be shorter.

Front-loader — Most Europeans have used front-load washing machines all along. These are more gentle on clothes, more like hand washing, and they use less water than top loaders, They can take a long time to complete some cycles, but they use less water, and spin faster, so clothes come out drier.

The scientific evidence convinces us that front-loaders are a great choice for many Americans. But there’s a sizable contingent that hates them. They believe all front-loaders are inevitably going to get moldy and stinky. But you can prevent that from happening to yours. Leave the door open when you’re not running a load to let the gasket dry. Wipe it each time, too.

Compact front-loader — A compact front-loader can be a godsend when you’re living in a small condo or a tiny house, At just 24-inches wide, these don’t need a dedicated laundry room . You can fit one of these under the kitchen counter, or stack it in a closet with a compact dryer. (Of course, you’ll still need a water hookup.)

No doubt compacts can be pricey, but if space is tight, they can be the right choice. Though they might require you to do more frequent, smaller loads of laundry, compact front-loaders are economical with water and energy

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