About Brewster's pigeon milk in Animal Crossing

About Brewster's pigeon milk in Animal Crossing

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Brewster and his cafe will appear in this year's Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Fans have determined that Brewster and his cafe will return. Fans expect him to join the game, but players need to pay attention to some new details. Because of the pigeon milk brought by Brewster's return. Some players are wary of Brewster's pigeon milk.

Brewster's prototype is a pigeon. It is also one of the favorite characters of Animal Crossing villagers. Brewster runs a coffee shop called Roost. The player can do a part-time job of coffee beans in his shop. If players want to remain mysterious, players can also choose Buy Animal Crossing Bells. Leaving aside the new changes in Brewster's role, it is certain that Brewster's return will bring pigeon milk.

Pigeons that take into account the laws of nature cannot produce milk. The game setting of Animal Crossing is easy to think of this as a joke. Different animals take care of their offspring in different ways. Mammals can provide milk. Other animals teach the offspring how to have the survival instinct. Many birds feed their offspring through ruminant food.

The substance that birds pass through the stomach wall of reflux birds is called milk. A bit like a semi-solid substance of pale yellow cheese. For players who like pigeon animals, they can choose their favorite items from the ACBellsBuy website. Make a unique gift through Buy ACNH Gold. For pigeons, this reflux is called pigeon milk. This is a training mechanism. Fortunately, this does not mean that pigeon milk must be accepted.

Brewster may offer more than just standard coffee. His business has been expanded in various ways. Now the cafe has changed a lot in the past few years. Brewster will also provide Valentine's Day hot chocolate substitutes in some games. This is very attractive for female players.