Being aware that the RuneScape Community will win it's a pity

Being aware that the RuneScape Community will win it's a pity

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If it was in the real world, we would want to OSRS GP keep such a destructive and powerful being out. But on the computer, it's interesting (and we will require a new bandos). While I don't know whether her choices will keep them out of the game Ports - It's sad to see the Pirates things disappear, but it's great that there are t85 weapons available. I'm thinking the 200th quest and the items from the wilderness, are the most attractive to me.

I think you don't get the option to side with Tuska in this particular event, Sobend. It's all Vs Tuska My assumption is that everybody will be forced to be part of the same team to face Tuska or form a variety of God teams that will be competing against one another (via PvP with some luck, and perhaps in other non-PvP ways) for prestige and glory however the main goal will remain defeating Tuska. I believe that's the way it will be. However, it's unfair to have all Gods fighting Tuska.

The Zamorak quest looks great, and it was the right time for Zamorak to be in the spotlight. It could be both a funny and serious at the same time and possibly bring in more supporters to Zamorak, the God of the big three that has less followers.

Jagex shouldn't offer too many laughable retarded voting options. Being aware that the RuneScape Community will win it's a pity that a game with the potential to be exceptional has been turned into an absurdity.

Ports update, they're basically finally giving us the update they promised they'd gives us this year last Runefest and trying to make it appear as a new update. We only received the T85 guns that range. T85 guns, despite promising all new T85 weapons.

I hope they can create old school rs gold something exciting with the Wilderness. All they've released so far to bring back Wilderness have been disappointing, such as the Crucible. While Warbands is a good idea, it has only a few success stories and leaves the Wilderness just for a short time each day.